A Brief History

Crest Studios has been producing fine quality hand-painted glass and china for more than 70 years. This decorating studio is one of the few existing factories in America still implementing age-old painting and printing methods; each piece of glass and china is still decorated delicately by hand. A glimpse back to the origin of Crest Studios shows the dedication to artistry and uniqueness of the product that still thrives today.

During the Russian Revolution, a cavalry officer named Cyril Gorainoff who had an inherent talent to draw horses and wildlife fled to America. After meeting a Czechoslovakian technical ceramicist named Frank Vosmansky, they made the wise decision to combine their skills and opened a small gift shop on Madison Avenue in New York City in the 1920's. After much success in the 1930's, the prestigious Abercrombie and Fitch store entered into an exclusive contract with them to feature their sporting line of hunt scenes, dogs and birds. During the Eisenhower presidency, these adventurous, talented immigrants were commissioned to produce china for the White House. This prompted many prominent families and celebrities to purchase their own custom china as well.

Upon retirement, Gorainoff and Vosmansky sold their collection of hand-engraved plates and original designs to Richard Kuntsch whose specialty was hand-engraving silver for family crests in Dresden, Germany. This very natural transition for the shop proved most beneficial. Kuntsch continued producing the designs of the original owners, but also added his technical knowledge in the field of crests and monogramming which prompted a new name for the business: Crest Studios. Kuntsch enhanced the original line by employing his wife, Antoinette, to paint a floral design on the china and glassware. The Assorted Floral pattern flourished and today remains a popular design in the floral collection.

Robert Du Grenier purchased Crest Studios and all of the hand-engraved plates in 1988 when Kuntsch retired. Du Grenier is a renowned glass sculptor whose reputation as a designer includes the creation of large architectural glass installations, striking contemporary perfume bottles as well as designs for world-famous Baccarat crystal. Further, Du Grenier lent his skills to the redesigning of the flame of the Statue of Liberty during its restoration in 1986.

Du Grenier has maintained the traditional collection and continues to add new designs every year. Crest Studios and its skilled artisans offer a full line of classic designs which are both familiar and endearing. The company continues the art of custom decorating, including monograms, yacht flags and burgees, jockey silks, bridal designs and unusual commemorative items. Additionally, Crest Studios has the capacity to customize china and glassware to clients' specifications, matching upholstery, wall fabrics, linens or any existing china pattern.

Du Grenier moved Crest Studios from New York City to Townshend, Vermont in 1997. The company continues its tradition of excellence, quality and uniqueness. Each piece of glass and china is still carefully painted by hand, then fired to ensure the permanence of the design and rendering most to be dishwasher safe. Crest Studios is pleased to continue offering its time-honored techniques and unmatched artistry, and offering you the finest in extraordinary glass and china.

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